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For as long as she could remember, Sierra Hernandez had been searching for Bible truth. She and her husband, David, were especially intrigued by the book of Revelation. One day in 2014, she prayed for God to show her the meaning of the strange words and symbols found


Then, three days later they received a flyer in the mail for Revelation Today, a series of meetings held in Charlotte, N.C., by Ron Halvorsen. Shocked, Sierra said, “I didn’t know God answered your prayers by mail.”

Sierra took 28 pages of notes during the sessions. Even though Pastor Harvorsen was quoting right out of the Bible, she wanted to go back and research everything for herself and

make sure it was the truth.

“I told my husband, we have got to get baptized. This is just the right place to be.”

Eight years later, it is apparent that God has used Sierra and David in wonderful ways. They joined the Charlotte Sharon Church, and Sierra was soon asked to become the director of women’s ministry. From there, she was asked to become head elder, and now has the opportunity to lead 11 elders, who manage over 45 ministries.

David has also become engaged in ministry. A devoted deacon, David faithfully serves each Sabbath, attending to the needs of the building and the property. He is also a member of the Hearts and Hammers Ministry, attending to the home-needs of Sharon Church members.

David and Sierra are thrilled to be actively working, doing God’s work in every way possible. It’s not always easy when you join a church, especially the Remnant church.

“And Satan knows I’m going to be preaching a message warning people about what he’s doing in the end of time,” says Sierra. “He’s had it out for me and he found lots of opportunities to bring up many challenges.” But no matter what challenges come, they surrender them to God and lets God work them out. “Because his plan is always better than


Sierra and David thank each person who has contributed to evangelism in the Carolina Conference. “There are people like me out there who may have been in church their whole life and have been a Christian their whole life, and yet never heard the truth of this message,” Sierra says.

God is asking us to spread the message. And we do that through evangelism. Not just big sessions and events, but through even the smallest of ways — teaching people how to go out and talk to their friends and others around them — because God does not want that any should be lost.

“[When I first came to the Sharon church] I thought, why isn’t this church full of people who maybe heard this for the first time like me and are excited to share this with others? And that’s why evangelism is so very important,” Sierra concludes. “And I will tell you, if you do not know this message, you will be surprised, blessed and excited to know that it only gets better. Because God is with you through the entire journey and you will grow as a Christian like you’ve never grown before.”

—Rebecca Carpenter. Photos by Henrique Gomes

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