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A Journey of faith and Outreach

photo by: Henrique Gomes

In the heart of Winston-Salem, N.C., a congregation faced the familiar challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendance dwindled, spirits wavered, and it was evident that a revival was needed. But the journey towards revitalization took an unexpected turn, guided by a profound commitment to discipleship and evangelism.

photo by: Henrique Gomes

For the members of the Winston-Salem Church, discipleship was more than a term; it was a transformative approach to evangelism. Their goal was not just to share the message of Jesus but to first deepen their own relationship with Him. This was inspired by the model of Jesus himself, who worked intimately with his disciples to spread the message of salvation.

The pandemic served as a catalyst for change. Seeking to reconnect with their roots and rejuvenate their congregation, the Winston-Salem Church initiated a powerful prayer movement. This weekly meeting helped members connect with each other and sensitized them to the needs within and outside the church.

Out of these prayer sessions emerged the idea of discipleship training. They studied the comprehensive book, Amazing Disciples, which not only strengthened their faith but also emboldened them to reach out to their church members and the community. Through weekly gatherings and study sessions, they learned how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, spreading His message with unwavering confidence.

The discipleship class at the Winston-Salem Church became an integral part of their evangelistic strategy. Their focus shifted from just sharing the Gospel to genuinely understanding and internalizing it themselves. This approach paved the way for the GROW method, a systematic approach to reaching church members developed by the North American Division.

Every Sabbath, a component of the GROW method was presented to the congregation, ensuring that everyone was on board with this transformative journey. This synergy between sermons, discipleship classes, and evangelism created a culture where evangelism became a way of life, not just an occasional event.

The results were profound. Church members were not just informed but transformed, equipped with the tools and confidence to share their faith with others. Evangelism ceased to be an annual event; instead, it became an ongoing process, deeply ingrained in the church’s identity.

For those wondering how to embark on a similar journey, the advice from Winston-Salem Church is simple yet powerful: start with prayer. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and take that initial step, even if all the plans are not in place. Trust in the process, and as they have found, the Holy Spirit will work wonders.

Their story is a testament to the transformative power of discipleship and an unwavering commitment to evangelism. Their journey reminds us that faith, when deeply rooted and shared with conviction, can ignite a spiritual revival even in the face of adversity.

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