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Alejandro (Alex) Jimenez

Jimenez, Alejandro (Alex), 82, born June 14, 1939, in Los Angeles, C.A., died on January 12, 2021, in Anderson, S.C. He was a member of the North Anderson Church. His wife, Mary Ann, were joined together in marriage on October 8, 1972. He was a gourmet cook, an enthusiastic traveler (especially Mexico), avid sports fan (especially his Raiders), World War II buff and loved his dog, Elliott. He was a literature evangelist in Arizona and California (didn’t sell many books but his family believe that with his message and engaging personality many will be in the Kingdom).

Alex is preceded in death by his parents, Concha Ocequerre and Alejandro R. Jimenez; three brothers, Alejandro R Jimenez, Jr., Joe Jimenez, Frank Jimenez; and five sisters, Esther Navarro, Alice Uribe, Angie Nieto, Nellie Cervantes, Connie Calderon. Hortie Gurgien, his youngest sister, died February 19, 2022.

He leaves behind his loving wife, Mary Ann Thomas Jimenez; three children from his first marriage, Rhonda, Richard, and Steve; four grandchildren, Jennifer, Jane, Juan Jr., and Joanna; five great-grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews, and one sister, Ruth Esquer.

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