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I would like to thank our former director, Brad Cauley, for his amazing contribution to the church planting department in our conference. Most initiatives and activities in this report were accomplished under his leadership. On behalf of the Carolina Conference, we thank you and your family, Brad.


Enabling Conference churches to birth healthy new congregations for greater effectiveness in reaching North and South Carolinians.

Faith Goal

A Carolina Conference leadership team goal of 90 Steps was set for the five-year term 2016-2020. A step is counted each time a congregation moves up in status, starting as an approved Mission Group, then becoming a company, and finally a church. We also count a step each time a mother church plants a mission group. The previous 2011-2015 quinquennium goal was 50 Steps. Actual Steps realized during this period were 62, not including mother church steps.

Totals Realized for 2016-2021

  • New church plants: 33 Total (12 plants in SC and 21 plants in NC)

  • Total Steps achieved: 102 (including 34 mother church steps)

Church Planting Committee

The Church Planting Committee approves new church plants for group status and recommends prospective companies and churches to the Executive Committee. It handles issues that arise within church plants and governs the Church Planting Guidelines and Strategy for Lay-led/Pastor-Coach Congregation(s) documents.

Global Mission

We applied for and received Global Mission funding from the GC, NAD, and Southern Union to sponsor new church plants with $10,000 in start-up funds.

Church Planting Seminars

Seminars are held throughout the conference on request.

Volunteer Lay Pastors & Lay Leaders

The Church Planting Department coordinates all leadership of non-Hispanic lay-led churches, companies, and mission groups. Currently, there are 46 non-Hispanic lay-led congregations comprised of 14 churches, 12 companies, and 20 mission groups and there are 46 Hispanic lay-led congregations comprised of 15 churches, 15 companies, and 16 mission groups.


The Conference website includes many pertinent church planting documents, discipleship group resources, links and more: church-planting.


Church planting awareness is fostered through articles in the Carolina Action and Southern Tidings. The quarterly e-newsletter The Exponential Exchange provides church leaders with ongoing resources and ideas along with the latest news.



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