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Connecting With Jesus On The MPA Campus

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This school year, our students have continued to find ways to connect with Jesus on a regular basis in a variety of ways. Every evening in the dorm, the deans hold worship to begin the evening. Typically, the deans will either lead out in a worship thought themselves, or they will have a student share their Christian experience. Once a week, the students have hall worship in the dorm where the resident assistants share a worship talk.

On Friday evenings, the students have a special vespers program in the auditorium. This program is often looked forward to by students as they get to dress up and worship together. Students lead out in contemporary praise music. Pastor Jo then gives students the chance to share H.O.G. (Hand of God) awards where they share how they have seen the Hand of God during the past week. A special speaker will then share a thought-provoking talk for the students to enjoy. Speakers, this year, have included local pastors and various staff members. In addition to regular vespers, the students enjoy several faculty family vespers throughout the year. On November 13 the students experienced their first faculty family vespers of the school year where they got to visit staff member’s homes and worship together with friends in a more intimate setting.

Church is also a special time for the students, especially when they have the opportunity to participate in the service. On October 31, the freshman and sophomore classes were in charge of the entire service. Students led out in singing, prayers, and even the sermon portion of the church service. These types of Sabbaths are always special as students learn from one another and the experiences their peers have gone through. Additionally, the students were able to travel earlier this school year to local churches in North and South Carolina to assist in the services there.

The students at MPA are so blessed to have a variety of opportunities to connect with God throughout the week. We invite you to join us! Follow our Facebook page to watch our LIVE vespers and Sabbath School programs each week.

- Abby King, Marketing Director

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