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Hendersonville Finds a Way to Continue Evangelism

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Associate pastor Brian Hindman of Hendersonville, North Carolina, didn’t allow COVID-19 to halt his plans for evangelism. He recently completed an 18-part series entitled “Revelation Today,” with a total of 300-350 viewers via livestream over five states. Hindman’s PowerPoint presentations illustrated the major teachings of the Scriptures and prophecy within the end-time context of the book of Revelation, and pointed to God’s promises of transformative grace, and the hope of Jesus’s second coming.

Each presentation was preceded by a brief and informative lecture by integrative medicine specialist Dr. Royce Bailey of Advent Health Hendersonville, on topics relevant to regaining and maintaining health in today’s world.

“Traditional in-church evangelistic efforts can impact only those in attendance, whereas (because of live streaming), in addition to local residents and members, their friends and families and viewers from across the country have contacted me,” said Hindman.

Moving to live stream because of the quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic still proved to be an impactful experience for the attendees. A young man who watched from his

home in Virginia now wants Bible studies. A local retirement home resident watched every presentation and said she raised her hand in response to an appeal. One of Hindman’s former students at Mount Pisgah Academy, now a boys’ dean at an academy in Pennsylvania, invited his boys and other staff to watch. Former classmates of Hindman’s in

Texas and Oregon told him they also tuned in.

Another young woman named Heather, on her way to seek haven with relatives from an abusive husband, was stranded on the road as a church member named Esther drove past. With Esther’s assistance, Heather reached her family safety. The two stayed in touch, and as Hindman’s meetings were beginning, Esther urged Heather to watch. And she did! She expressed her excitement to Hindman in a text. “I can’t even pronounce the name Seventh-day Adventist,” texted Heather, “but I’m seeking truth, and you’ve showed it to me. I’ve watched and re-watched each presentation while taking notes. I’m reading my Bible and making changes in my diet and lifestyle. I’m giving up alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, and

I feel so much better. Thank you! I can’t wait to come to your church as soon as you are open again.”

On closing night, there were 94 devices tuned in, and Hindman estimates there were a total of 25-30 non-Adventists who signed up to watch the meetings.

“We are so thankful we did not cancel these meetings. We feel the Lord really blessed this live stream initiative,” said Hindman.

All of the Revelation Today presentations can be viewed any time online. “I invite you to share Revelation Today with your friends and family far and wide,” said Hindman. “I’m eager to share these end-time messages with people all over the world who are searching for truth.” All 18 presentations are available at under the “Live Stream” option.

—by Anna Paulette Love and Natalie Boonstra

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