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In 2022, Pastor Elias Sandoval, coordinator of Hispanic Volunteer Lay Pastors (VLPs) for the Carolina Conference, provided training to over 54 VLPs from Hispanic churches in the conference. These VLPs are elders who have been chosen by their pastors and voted on by their church boards in order to serve mission groups, congregations, and churches under the direct supervision and leadership of their district pastors.

Throughout the year, these VLPs received over 36 hours of training on a variety of practical ministry topics. Many of them traveled hundreds of miles and invested additional hours in order to receive this training and be better equipped to serve their congregations.

On December 11, 2022, Sandoval and his team held a graduation program for the VLPs and their families. At this event, each of the 54 VLPs in the program received an official credential card for the year 2023.

Carolina Conference president, Leslie Louis, and Vice-President for Administration Gary Moyer, were present at the graduation to thank, encourage, and challenge the VLPs to continue their service. They were joined by Miner Labrador from the North American Division and Julio Chazarreta from the Southern Union, who expressed their gratitude on behalf of the

Adventist Church as a whole.

Looking forward, we are excited to see the fruits of the joint efforts of pastors, VLPs, elders, and members in growing the kingdom in the Carolina Conference territory. The dedication and hard work of these VLPs is an invaluable asset to the Adventist Church, and we are grateful for their commitment to serving their communities.

—Ricardo Palacios

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