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Mount Pisgah ACADEMY

Mount Pisgah Academy (MPA) has been a ministry in Western North Carolina since 1914. Through the years there have been lean times and times of great abundance. Regardless of the challenges, the school continues to be a center of influence. In the last several years we have experienced some lean enrollments. However, we have experienced an abundance in the form of a strong endowment fund. This has helped not only to fund capital improvement projects but also to supplement our Touch A Life program, which helps financially challenged families afford Adventist education. We are told to praise God in all things, and we certainly want to praise the Lord for His goodness and provisions for us!


MPA’s mission is “TO LOVE, EDUCATE and DISCIPLE STUDENTS FOR GOD’S SERVICE.” While students are here at MPA, we hope to help each one capture the essence of our reason for being, which is to teach our young people how to serve God and others no matter what career path they choose.

Spiritual Life

Each day at MPA begins with T.A.G. (time alone with God). Students are encouraged to spend a few quiet moments in prayer and the study of God’s Word. We strive to make this communion an integral part of everything we do here at MPA, whether it be in classes, at work, at recreation, or at evening worship in the dormitories. On Friday evening, the start of the Sabbath is celebrated with a vespers program. On Sabbath morning the students attend Sabbath School and the divine worship service. It is our desire that each student experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then, in turn, share Jesus with others.


We have weekly Service Days in which students go out into the community to help others. We believe that this outreach teaches what it means to serve, and provide for someone else’s needs other than their own. In that vein, the music groups, Acro team and Circuit Riders go out once a month to minister to various churches throughout the Carolinas. Each year we also partner with ShareHim for a mission trip that includes student-led evangelism as well as the direction of a construction project. Every four years we emphasize school-wide missions where every student is involved in a mission project. This can include a trip to another country, another state within the USA, or local work here in our community. We want the students to understand that there is mission work to be done everywhere.

Work Life

Our ability to work comes from God and it is a tremendous blessing when we labor for Him. We offer a work program at MPA to instill the importance of being on time and doing your best no matter the task. The students are not only mentored in their jobjobs but also have the opportunity to earn money towards their school bill. This partnership teaches them the value of work as well as the financial commitment it takes to attend MPA. A good work ethic is a life-long skill each student can take with them into a successful adult life.

Academic Life

As an educational facility, we take the academic success of our students very seriously. All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective. Our teachers are caring individuals who do all they can to guide students to successfully complete their courses of study, even offering extra study periods. We also offer several dual-credit college courses, which helps students prepare for their college experience and gives the financial benefit of completing these college credits at a reduced rate. Many of our graduates tell us that they felt very prepared for college, and their college professors agree.

Social Life

The ability to build strong friendships and interact with others who have similar beliefs is a huge part of what draws students to MPA. Our recreational program, banquets, clubs, and varsity sports are outstanding. Students look forward to the many events that allow the whole school to fellowship together. So many memories and friendships are created during these high school years. We encourage healthy, wholesome friendships that last a lifetime.

Improvement of the Physical Campus

We are working hard to continue building upon the years of care and improvement that have gone into our campus by renovating the girls’ dorm rooms and common areas and building a much-needed bathroom facility at the sports field. We have a brand new S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) classroom that is designed to allow students to stretch their minds and find real solutions to real world problems. Robotics, computers, engineering, and other technology-driven opportunities continue to be an integral part of our society. This is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in learning about technology and how it influences and shapes the world in which we live.

MPA continues to strive to meet the various needs of our students and help them to develop into adults who are well prepared and able to meet the challenges they will face in life. We want them to have success as professionals and as upstanding citizens of society, but what we most want is to know that they will grow into Christ-centered individuals who will be able to withstand the final deception. These words written by Ellen G. White were never timelier than right now, “The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall” Education, page 57.



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