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  • Alex Boughman

MPA Girls' Club Christmas Banquet

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Christmas Banquet is always an exciting event on campus. Everyone dresses up in their nicest clothes, and often students will buy something special just for the event! The Girls’ Club theme, “Movie Red Carpet”, was such a clever theme with a great entrance right off the bat. As you walked into the gym, you saw a variety of movie posters, but with our students' and staff members’ faces photoshopped over the original actors. After you passed through the walkway, you could either go down the red carpet or take a picture at the photo booth, which was very well-decorated. Following the red carpet, students were led to the dining area, which had assigned seats, to the seats they had reserved prior to the banquet.

The food was really tasty and the cafeteria did a great job serving everyone. When we were finished eating, there was a mini talent show provided by MPA students. It was really awesome to see all of the performances. We have some really talented people here at MPA!

Once the entertainment was over, everyone walked to the auditorium to watch a Christmas movie. Girls’ Club had set up a concession area where students could get popcorn and candy. The whole banquet was incredible! This was the first banquet and it has set my standards high for next year’s Christmas banquet. Next year, the Boys’ Club plans the banquet, so they have a lot to do to top the Girls’ Club “Movie Red Carpet” Banquet.

- Alex Boughman, '24

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