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MPA Revamps Their Study Hall Program

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The academic program at MPA can be rigorous for some students. While the expectations are high, multiple methods of helping and encouraging the students to meet the academic demands are in place. MASH (Making Academic Success Happen) is available on school nights in the dorms, teachers are available during office hours and by appointment, NHS members are available to tutor, and study hall is available Sunday morning, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon. MASH and Study Hall provide specific times during the day for students to work independently or receive help from a teacher or tutor. Attendance for MASH and study hall is required for students on the restricted list.

This school year, the study hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been redesigned to further meet student needs by including individualized help from a teacher in a specific subject area. Students attend one of three sections, specializing in English, Math, or Science. The section attended is determined by which area the student needs help in that week. Teachers with expertise in each of those areas are available. The time in study hall can be spent receiving individualized help from the teacher, reviewing the concepts taught in class, studying for an upcoming test, or completing assignments in a location where the teacher is immediately available to answer questions. Study hall is attended not only by those on the restricted list but also by many other students taking advantage of the opportunity to work with the teachers outside of class.

In addition to providing multiple avenues of assistance, we also want to recognize those who are excelling. An honor roll will be run each quarter, recognizing students who have maintained an 83% or above average for Recognition, an 88% or above average for honors, and a 93% or above average for Principal’s List. Those students on the honor roll will receive a small reward for their achievements.

- Shane Bedwell, Registrar

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"Being in MASH helped me to start the year off good and get used to the new school schedule and classes."

- Jonathan Wolff

Class of 2024

"I think study hall is a good time to get away from all the distractions in life and to focus on school and classes."

- Markalah Telemaque

Class of 2023

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