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Myrtle Beach Church Hosts Inspiring UPGRADE Revival Weekend

Former Myrtle Beach Pastor Tom Hughes, James Reid IV, and the current pastor, José LaPorte Jr.

The Myrtle Beach Church held a transformative “UPGRADE Revival” on April 12-13, 2024, featuring Pastor James Reid IV, Chaplain and Bible Teacher at Pine Tree Academy in Freeport, Maine. This was the debut presentation of Pastor Reid’s message, inspired by personal spiritual struggles in late 2023.

The revival began Friday evening with a session titled “In Jesus.” The congregation was moved by Randalyn Skidmore’s testimony, followed by an extended prayer session led by B.C. Williams and others. Pastor Reid’s message, based on John 15:1-8, emphasized the importance of being “IN Jesus” rather than merely in proximity to Him. “Just as the branch of a vine must be attached to the vine to grow and thrive, so we must be attached to Jesus and abide in Him,” Reid explained. The worship included congregational singing led by the “Hallel Barkhi Nafshi Group” with the theme song “Wonderful Merciful Savior.”

Saturday’s service, “Part 2: Name,” highlighted the power of Jesus’ name and the necessity for spiritual growth. Pastor Reid stressed that as we mature, so should our prayers. “We must awaken to the power of Jesus’ name, which causes demons to tremble and hearts to change,” he urged.

The evening session, “Part 3: Amen,” included a powerful testimony by Kevin Green and a reflective prayer session led by Head Elder Pete Resz. Pastor Reid delved into the deeper meaning of “Amen,” often seen as merely a conclusion to prayers. He discussed obstacles that prevent answered prayers, such as a lack of repentance and forgiveness, and emphasized the need to get out of the way and let Jesus lead.

Pastor Reid’s message was clear: “We must live in the AMEN, embracing God’s plans and destiny for our lives. Amen is not a period but a jump-off point toward a narrow way of faith.” He encouraged the congregation to let go of control and trust in God’s way, truth, and life.

The three revival sessions were live-streamed and are available for viewing on the Myrtle Beach Church’s YouTube channel. Attendees and online viewers were encouraged to share their experiences and “like” the videos to spread the message further.

The UPGRADE Revival marked a significant spiritual milestone for the Myrtle Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church community.

— Gena Malcolm

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