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God has truly blessed our Conference over the past six years. Despite the increase of alarming events in our world, the proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel has progressed unceasingly, and God has continued to prosper His church in the Carolina Conference.

We began with a membership of 22,312 and ended with 24,604, giving us a net membership gain of 2,292. This 10.27 percent average yearly net growth is evidence of God’s continued blessing on His work in our conference.


As our conference grows, churches are planted, and ministry gets busier, it becomes more challenging for administration to connect with our members as often as is ideal. Desiring to strengthen relationships with the nearly 200 churches, companies and groups in Carolina, the conference officers began a five-year appointment rotation. By scheduling appointments to preach at a different church or company each year, we ensure each congregation is visited, rather than waiting for an invitation to speak at the same ones each year. In addition to this intentional plan, each year our schools receive a visit from one of the officers, as we continually strive to support and connect with our teachers and young people.


Efforts to reconnect with former and inactive Seventh-day Adventists in North and South Carolina resulted in reclaiming 30 precious souls by baptism or profession of faith. This program was the working of the Holy Spirit, along with the efforts of dedicated pastors and members who made this ministry a priority. Reconnecting Ministry leaders continue to receive quarterly calls from the conference office, along with information on any new reclaiming resources available. Along with God’s angels, we praise God that our former and inactive brothers and sisters are returning to God’s flock. “There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” Luke 15:10.


We continue to be blessed with great diversity among our churches, companies, and groups. In addition to the many cultures, countries, and people groups represented in our English-speaking churches, we also have Hispanic, Korean, Cambodian, Hmong, Karen, African, and Haitian congregations, each worshipping in their native language. While we all share the same mission and doctrine, Carolina has urban and country; traditional and more progressive congregations; congregations that specialize in community services, healthy living, small groups, music ministry, prison ministry, and so on.


As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, life coach, and motivational speaker, Gary Moyer offers training to our local churches and schools in the areas of personal development, winning relationships, goal setting and achievement, personal outreach, victorious living, and public speaking. Local churches and schools schedule these ongoing events for the benefit of their members, as well as for outreach to their communities.


VP for Administration/ Executive Secretary


Associate Executive Secretary

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