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The Carolina Conference Planned Giving and Trust Services Department strives to provide constituents with the latest information on estate and gift planning and to assist with their stewardship responsibility for both present and future needs. With an effective estate plan, members are better prepared to care for family and others, as well as to provide for the advancement of God’s cause, all in an environment of confidentiality.


Statistics show that more than one-half of people die without a will. If you are a member of the Carolina Conference, there is no reason not to have an estate plan. Currently, preparation of simple wills and powers of attorney are FREE to our church members and their non-member spouses. The Conference pays licensed attorneys to prepare such estate documents for our church members who request them. Members may update or change/modify their wills and powers of attorney once every five years at no cost to the member.

God gives us wisdom and knowledge to prepare for our eternal lives, and to make plans for the blessings God provides to us. Our PGTS staff conducts will clinics to assist members with estate plans at churches, Camp Meeting, and other locations. Contact the PGTS department at to schedule a will clinic.

Documents We Coordinate

  • Simple wills, financial and healthcare powers of attorney (includes living will provisions). At this time, the simple will and powers of attorney documents are cost-free to Carolina Conference members and their non-member spouses.

  • Revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, and self-managed trusts

  • Charitable remainder unitrusts

  • Charitable gift annuities


Our department is committed to making sure all our members have access to estate plans. There is no requirement that a member gift or donate any asset to the Carolina Conference or to your local church. However, many of our members have generously done so. Such actions allow them to fulfill the Great Commission to the best of their ability, making certain that funds exist for continuing the ministries of our church.



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