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ShareHim is grateful to be a ministry of the Carolina Conference ever since its founding by Robert Folkenberg, Sr. over 20 years ago. We are active around the world and right here in the Carolina Conference, and we are funded exclusively through direct donations.

The mission of ShareHim is to help inspire and equip Seventh-day Adventists to share the hope they have in Jesus and His soon return. We accomplish this mission through our Young Evangelist program and through the creation and distribution of high-quality presentations to laymen and pastors for use in their home areas.

The Young Evangelist program seeks to instill in young people a heart for the lost, and a passion for sharing the gospel. Each young person travels to a church in another country as the guest speaker for an 11-message evangelistic series, using customizable ShareHim sermons. The experience of studying and presenting the Word—combined with strong mentorship during and after the mission trip—often has a transformational long-term impact on participants.

Great Support

The Young Evangelist program has been growing each year with young adults from more than a dozen countries participating. These include annual projects with Carolina Conference-organized young adult groups and MPA students. The program is made possible through the support of individual donors, the participants’ home conferences, unions and divisions, and Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI).

A total of 48 young people participated in 2016; 122 in 2017; 146 in 2018; and 155 in 2019. Despite a pause in 2020 because of the pandemic, ShareHim was thrilled to resume the Young Evangelist program in November 2021 with a team of eight young adults and pastors from the Carolina Conference traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Plans are to fully resume the Young Evangelist program in 2022 with an emphasis on inviting pastors to participate in overseas evangelism with young adults from their own churches, leading them to become more involved in ministry and leadership back at home.

ShareHim presentations include two series of evangelistic sermons — with a new series now in development — along with presentation software custom designed to help preachers present ShareHim sermons. These are made available for free for local use by members in several different countries, which augments this incredible, ongoing program. God keeps opening doors for His glory!



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