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We are grateful for the service of the many willing and talented people who have been involved in Singles Ministries the last few years. The volunteers have made it what it is today. The newest director is Eli Rojas Jr. who first began as a helper and was appointed director in 2020. There are many great opportunities in ministry and our community for us in ASAM.

Implementing a Vision

Our vision is to build an effective Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM), organized to honor God and accomplish the Carolina Conference mission by encouraging, teaching, training, and helping support singles mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

That vision will manifest itself in different ways. We have plans to:

  1. Continue to have guest speakers, social outings and activities during Camp Meeting; (2) publish a regular newsletter that will go out to subscribers.

  2. Maintain a Facebook page.

  3. Explore options for a dating platform to help connect our interested singles.

  4. Emphasize regularly scheduled Zoom meetings.

  5. Continue Singles Ministries Sabbath where we have a sermon, seminar, and social activity.

  6. Explore options for an annual retreat.

  7. Partner with our neighbor conferences and union counterparts for events.

  8. Improve our online connection.

  9. Include programs in Spanish.

These plans are dependent on a strong and connected community. There are several different groups within the Singles Ministries umbrella. Our conference is also covers a large geographic area, and it is sometimes difficult to come together. So we need to work together to creatively accomplish the task of bringing us closer.

While ASAM may not be appropriate for every church, each area should have a coordinator and leader. We can plan and organize as a team that meets the needs of more people and ministers to them.

We need volunteers who are willing to help the ministry through planning, organizing, and coordinating ministry activities. The more of us involved in the process, the more impactful our program. It can even be a tool for discipleship and evangelism.

God willing, Singles Ministries should be so much more than a dating service for Adventists. It has the capacity to be a ministry and community that will help us grow as we work together. May the Lord pour out His blessings on the singles in our territory and give them direction for the future.



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