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  • Abby King

Steal-A-Heart Days at MPA

Although many events have had to adjust and change during the pandemic, one special event remained the same this school year – Steal-a-Heart Days. This special event takes place during the week of Valentine’s day and gives students the opportunity to play a fun game during two school days. On the first day of the event, our male students wear pink paper hearts around their necks. Students can decorate their hearts to reflect their personalities. When the school day starts, the boys are not allowed to talk to the girls for the entire day. If they do talk to a girl, they lose their heart and the girl who they spoke to gets to wear their heart for the rest of the day. On the second day of the event, girls then wear their hearts around their necks and attempt not to speak to the boys. If a girl speaks to a boy, she must give him her heart for him to wear the rest of the day.

This event is quite entertaining as students utilize a variety of means to encourage the opposite gender to speak to them. Very few students are able to keep their hearts until the end of the day, but if they do, it is a reason to be proud. In addition to the activity, the Student Association (SA) sells cupcakes, cookies, candies, and flowers in the Administration building. Students can purchase something for themselves or send an item to a friend, which is then hand-delivered by a member of the SA. Our students really seemed to enjoy this event, especially this year when so much has been cancelled or changed. It was nice to have something familiar to look forward to among the many changes this pandemic has brought.

— by Abby King, Marketing Director

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