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Students Participate in Community Service on MLK Day

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

On a cold Monday morning, the 18th of January, Mount Pisgah Academy celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by mobilizing the entire student body and staff to serve our community through several projects for the entire day. Pastor Jo began the day with worship in the auditorium focused on the historical significance of Dr. King, as well as his desire for people to serve others. After worship, masked & socially distanced, students divided into their service groups for the day.

We are incredibly thankful to JéWana Grier-McEachin, ‘92, for her motivation and leadership on this very special day. By her efforts and organization, most of our students were able to serve in the Historic Shiloh Community of Asheville. Students helped clean and do minor maintenance items at the Shiloh Community Gardens & Legacy Art Trail. They also packed over 100 personal hygiene bags at the Friendship Community Center in the morning and delivered them to the porches of senior citizens in the Shiloh Community that afternoon. JéWana even invited our local news station, WLOS Channel 13, to video a piece covering their efforts, which ran on the evening news.

We also sent a group of students and staff to the Church of Hope in North Asheville where Yarik Klemovich, youth leader, directed them to paint a very long wall. The wall concealed storage space in the multi-purpose room used for church gatherings, community events, and as a gym. The students were thankful for the chance to paint. Several of the students had never painted anything before. The Church was thankful for the painting lessons by MPA staff, Louie Parra and Ed Pelto. The students were efficient in painting and after doing a great job with the wall, they were able to sweep and organize the storage area, making sure everything was returned to its proper place. Principal Remy Guenin reported, “Yarik was so pleased with our kids! I am really proud of them and the work they did!”

Motivated by the success and impact of this year’s experiences, Pastor Jo is already looking to next year as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day through service to our community.

MPA wants to extend a special thanks to Pastor Jo for all his hard work!

- Jo Ottinger, Chaplain

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