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The Bonds of Sisterhood: Hispanic and English Women’sRetreats at Nosoca Pines Ranch

In October 2023, women from the Carolina Conference gathered at Nosoca Pines Ranch for two impactful weekends. The first weekend was overflowing with participants, as the Hispanic women in Carolina not only attended the camp for a weekend of inspiration but also brought along their friends. Janet Paulino played a crucial role in organizing the weekend. She invited all non-Adventist attendees to join her on stage (pictured below). Though it took some time and encouragement, eventually the stage was filled from one end to the other with women. The event was a truly evangelistic experience. On Sabbath afternoon, the women congregated at the pool, engaging in song, prayer, and rejoicing as two women were baptized by Gary Moyer, Conference VP of Administration.

The subsequent weekend featured the English Fullness of Joy retreat, marked by intergenerational worship. Women of diverse ages, ranging from 10 to 70-plus, came together. June Price (pictured left) delivered impactful biblical preaching, and Natalie Boonstra Lily shared insights with the teenage girls. Witnessing mothers and daughters delving into the Word together was a beautiful experience. Equally moving was the sight of teens connecting and worshipping alongside those who are retired. Representatives from Impact Hope (pictured above, right, with Beth Grissom, Conference Women’s Ministries director) contributed by sharing the inspiring work they are doing, providing an opportunity for women to extend their blessings to children in need of HOPE. Women’s Ministry in the Carolina Conference remains committed to spreading the saving grace of Christ, impacting lives both within the Conference and around the world.

—Beth Grissom, Women’s Ministries Director

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