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  • Judy Possinger

The Sanctuary VBS in Hendersonville

The Sanctuary was the theme of the Hendersonville, NC, church’s Vacation Bible School this year. Organizers constructed a life-sized sanctuary, complete with all of the furniture and accessories. Pastor Brian Hindman took the children through the plan of salvation from the fall of Satan and Adam through each room of the sanctuary, ending with the second coming of Jesus.

The children rotated through stations, each illustrating the theme and Bible verse for the day in some way. The Health Station taught proper teeth-brushing and hand-washing techniques, and the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and water. At the Games Station the children were led in games which emphasized their daily Bible verse. Health Snacks took on the form of a cross, rainbow and clouds. In crafts, fluffy lambs and painted rocks were created.

There were a total of 39 children registered, ten of whom were from the community. The VBS staff assistants included several teens and early teens. Many of the children from the community attended the Sabbath service with their parents.

—by Judy Possinger

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