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The Story of Grace and the Joy of Evangelism

In the role of president of the Carolina Conference, Elder Leslie Louis juggles an impressive array of responsibilities. With approximately 32 boards and committees under his purview, 19 of which he chairs, and a constant itinerary of church visits and administrative duties, his schedule often leaves little room for what truly lies closest to his heart: sharing the gospel.

Determined not to let the demands of the world or the church veer him off course, Elder Louis made it his mission, since arriving in the Carolinas 12 years ago, to preach an evangelistic series every single year. Except for the two years marred by the COVID pandemic, he successfully accomplished this annual endeavor, guided by an unwavering commitment to his faith.

This year, Elder Louis had the privilege of collaborating with the Charlotte Safari Adventist Company for a series titled “Live With Hope.” This transformative series, rooted in scripture, explored the foundation of faith and the profound relationship with Jesus. With an average nightly attendance of approximately 30 individuals, each gathering commenced with a solemn commitment to God’s Word before delving into the evening’s topic.

Emphasizing the importance of personal interaction with the Scriptures, Elder Louis encouraged attendees to physically open the Bible and engage with the truths contained within. In May, the series bore fruit with two baptisms and five professions of faith. Stories of spiritual transformation abounded, but one tale of grace stood out.

Grace Nyambaroka, a quiet and kind soul, attended the meetings from the very start, motivated by the persistent encouragement of her neighbor, Lois, a faithful member of the Safari Company. When the call for baptism came, Grace stepped forward, expressing her desire to dedicate her life to Christ. She became the first in her family to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and on the Sabbath of May the sixth, Elder Louis had the privilege of baptizing her.

Today, Grace’s journey serves as a testament to the boundless reach of God’s grace. The church rejoices in the transformation she has experienced and prays for her loved ones to join her in the embrace of God’s family.

Excitedly, Elder Louis reports six to seven more baptisms took place in June, a testament to the continued impact of the series. He earnestly requests the support of the community through prayer, seeking the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Safari church and other congregations across the Conference.

As Titus 2:11 reminds us, “For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.” Grace Nyambaroka’s journey is living proof that God’s grace extends far and wide, offering redemption and forgiveness to all who seek it. Through these efforts, Elder Louis and the Carolina Conference strive to amplify their evangelism outreach, spreading the message of hope and salvation throughout the Carolinas.

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