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The True Spirit of GOLD HILL

Tucked away in the heart of North Carolina, the charming town of Gold Hill bears witness to a rich history that dates back to the 1800s. In those bygone days, gold flowed like water, with millions of dollars worth of the precious metal extracted from its mines.

Today, Gold Hill stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its citizens. A group of dedicated individuals decided to resurrect the town’s glory, meticulously restoring it to its late 1800s and early 1900s ambiance. But this revival story is not about bricks and mortar; it’s about the soul of a community.

One figure in Gold Hill’s history is a retired pastor and part-time evangelist, John Earnhardt. Born in the back of a tavern, John’s younger days were not easy ones. Despite the rough life he led, John would attend the local Methodist church a couple of times each year. He clearly recalls the words of a Sunday school teacher, Patsy Yelton, who would put her arm around him and say, “Jesus Loves You.” Those words stayed with him throughout his life.

Enter Ken Wiseman and his wife Cindy, newcomers to Gold Hill who fell in love with the town’s character. They met the mayor, explored the quaint shops, and found solace in the historic Gold Hill Methodist Church.

In an era where churches face challenges staying alive, Gold Hill’s community shared this concern. Ken Wiseman read a book written by Crystal Earnhardt, John Earnhardt’s wife, and a connection was forged. With a desire to breathe life back into the local church community, a plan was hatched for a revival.

The phone call that followed was nothing short of divine intervention. John Earnhardt’s return to Gold Hill to share the message of Jesus with the community was a long-awaited answer to his prayers. The revival, along with a Daniel Seminar, Revelation seminar, and a community car show, aims to uplift the name of Jesus Christ.

For Gold Hill, this is a mission to bring the Bible back to life in the lives of its people. Their goal is clear – to draw neighbors and friends closer to Christ, to help them realize Jesus’ profound love, and to prepare them for His imminent return.

The revival in Gold Hill is only the beginning of their journey. The community is filled with anticipation, and hopeful that those who attended will experience a deeper connection with Jesus and embark on a lifelong walk with Him. In Gold Hill, the message is crystal clear: Jesus is coming again, and they’re preparing their hearts and town for His arrival. Daily prayers abound for God’s abundant blessings on Gold Hill, North Carolina.

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