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  • Alex Boughman

Touring Sabbaths

Touring Sabbaths take place once a month when everyone in the student body is split up into

groups. Most of these groups are MPA’s organizations: Acrosports, Choir, Handbells, and

Symphony Orchestra. Everyone else who is not in an organization will go out with a staff

member to another church. These groups are called Circuit Riders.

Touring is a lot of fun when it comes down to the traveling experience, visiting churches, and

performing for others on Sabbaths. It is a cool thing to be a part of, and you get many memories from different visits. When going out, it is a great experience because you are with your friends most of the day and you get to go off campus.

Recently, students have had the opportunity to take overnight trips. It is definitely different when it comes to travel. It is a longer ride to the church; however, we get to spend a lot of time bonding when we are all staying in the same place and doing little things together when we are not performing.

Touring Sabbaths are incredibly rewarding for organization members. It is a wonderful experience to share our hard work and talents with churches around the Carolina Conference. If you ever get to see MPA perform at your church, you will not be disappointed.

—by Alex Boughman, ‘24

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