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Wake Forest Church Building Project

For several years our church family in Wake Forest has dreamed of having their own church building. After years of fundraising and planning they were able to purchase an ideal property in this expensive city north of Raleigh.

Peter and Saundra Trzinski

However, with extremely stringent city codes and rising building costs, the church has run out of money. Today we have an unfinished church in Wake Forest, with no hope of procuring an occupancy permit unless the Lord intervenes with a miracle of financial resources.

Pastor Peter Trzinski shares that, after exhausing funding from the Carolina Conference, they are about $225,000 short of what they need to move in. Phase 1 includes the sanctuary, Sabbath School classrooms, foyer and bathrooms, along with landscaping and parking lot improvements.

Recently they were able to raise $17,078.00 through an auction fund, two donors from the conference office and direct giving from members. If they do not raise enough money

for Phase 1, then they will likely consider selling the property and their partially built facility...a major, disheartening setback for this church family. Who knows if a buyer will be present, and what the selling price would be? This year will certainly be a make-or-break fundraising year for them.

Presently they are finishing up the rough electrical, low-voltage wiring for sound systems, etc. and then will move into an inspection phase, with insulation and drywall to follow.

The church has applied with Maranatha Volunteers for a visit where they will paint, and install trim and doors. The church is praying that they will be able to keep a good timeline so when the volunteer team comes, they will be ready. It is tight, but by God’s grace and blessing, it will be doable.

Join me as we all make this a matter of prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to convict generous hearts across the Carolinas to help our sister church in Wake Forest. By God’s grace and with His blessing, I pray that we will be able to celebrate the realization of their dream come true.

All gifts to this project are tax-deductible and may be sent through the Carolina Conference for the Wake Forest Church Building Fund.

— Leslie Louis,

Carolina Conference President

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