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“Walking with Jesus: Becoming His Disciple” EVANGELISM IMPACT 2023

Myrtle Beach, SC, is well-known for its beautiful coastline, warm weather, and beachside attractions. However, for the past seven years, the beach town has also become a hub for spiritual growth and evangelism. Since 2016, Evangelism IMPACT has attracted those

seeking to learn more about evangelism, discipleship, and community engagement.

This year’s event, which took place from February 2-5, drew a crowd of around 750 attendees from all over the Carolinas, with most participants attending the Hispanic track. The opening

night was marked by a dynamic sermon from Frederick (Freddy) Russell, which set the tone for the rest of the conference. Russell, president and founder of True North Leadership Group, brought a message of hope and encouragement to those gathered, reminding them of the

transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

A key speaker was Roger Hernandez, Southern Union ministerial and evangelism director, who has been a presenter at the event every year. In one of his seminars he asked a critical question: “Why don’t we share?,” challenging the audience to reflect on their hesitations and reservations about evangelism.

Another Southern Union speaker, Richie Halversen, who heads up the church growth department, shared his perspectives on reaching and retaining souls for Christ.

The overall goal of Evangelism IMPACT is to encourage, encounter, and engage the community. This year’s theme, “Walking with Jesus: Becoming His Disciple,” was evident throughout the conference. The event sought to inspire and equip attendees to deepen their

relationship with Christ and to share His message with others.

One of the unique aspects of Evangelism IMPACT is the diverse range of topics covered. Social media missionary Justin Khoe was one such speaker who provided a fresh perspective on evangelism and community engagement. Khoe shared his expertise on how to engage

people online, encouraging attendees to try creating social media content to reach a broader audience.

The event was an excellent opportunity for attendees to network, learn, and grow in their faith. Evangelism IMPACT 2024 will take place from February 1-4, and we encourage all those interested in evangelism and discipleship to make plans to attend.

— Rebecca Carpenter

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