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A New Era for Singles Ministry: Retreat Celebrates Community and Spirituality

After several years haitus, the Singles Ministry held its first retreat supporting its ongoing mission to foster a supportive and understanding community.

This year’s retreat featured a spiritual focus and attracted 54 attendees. The weekend was packed with various activities designed to foster community and camaraderie, including icebreakers, games, painting sessions, horseback riding, walks, hikes, and a banquet. The diversity of activities ensured that there was something for everyone, catering to different interests and fostering strong connections among attendees. The participants, primarily in their 30s and up but inclusive of those in their 20s, enjoyed a fun and social weekend, leaving with newfound friendships that continue even after the retreat.

Since 2021, the Singles Ministry has organized four Single Ministry Sabbaths every year, creating a welcoming environment where individuals can connect, find support, and embrace God’s plan for their lives. The ministry encourages participants to focus not on finding a partner but on building meaningful connections and letting God take control.

Historically, the Singles Ministry faced negative perceptions, often viewed as merely a matchmaking ministry. Pastor Eli Rojas Jr., the current director, and his team are working hard to reverse this stigma, emphasizing that the ministry is not solely about marriage. The recent retreat exemplified this shift, providing an environment where like-minded individuals could forge connections without the pressure of romantic expectations. The ministry aims to serve those who join, offering spaces for various interests, from sports and Bible study to outdoor activities, potential community service projects, and mission trips.

Pastor Rojas shared a profound reflection from his experience climbing Mount Sinai, where he realized how negative perceptions can distort reality. He emphasized that God’s message is one of trust and reassurance, reminding us that God is with us through every season of life. He encouraged attendees to ask themselves what God can do through them, drawing parallels to the disciples’ panic during a storm when they doubted Jesus’ presence. His message was clear: don’t be afraid, don’t worry, because God is in control.

The Singles Ministry is dedicated to continuing the growth of its community, aiming to serve and support individuals in their spiritual journeys. By providing a space where people can build relationships and feel understood, the ministry hopes to alleviate the common discomfort associated with singleness. Trusting in God’s plan, the ministry looks forward to many more retreats and opportunities to serve those who come to the table, reinforcing the idea that everyone is welcome and valued.

—Clarissa Rosario Alberto

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