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  • Natalie Boonstra

A Small Reminder of the Great Commission

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Pastor Tom Hughes of the Myrtle Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church looks forward to receiving his veteran challenge coin every year at Lake Junalaska Camp Meeting. After hearing about the cancellation of camp meeting due to the coronavirus, he decided to implement this long-held tradition in a new way. Patterned after the veteran challenge coin, Pastor Hughes created a baptismal challenge coin for new members to remember the Great

Commission to win souls for Christ.

“I don’t know if this idea will move mountains, but I know that it’ll serve as a good reminder. I want people to look at the coin and remember the commitment they made to win souls when they gave their life over to Christ,” said Hughes. “I want it to be a reminder for people to ask God to help them in the process if they have no idea where to start.”

The coin, about the size of a silver dollar, has the Seventh-day Adventist logo on the back, and a slight re-design of the painting Who Me? on the front, with the words “send me” inscribed on the bottom. Also included is the heartfelt reminder, “Never has so much been given to so many by one,” to encourage coinholders to reach as many individuals as possible.

“We’re called to reach relatives, neighbors, and family members to be ready for the second coming of Jesus,” said Hughes.

Pastor Hughes also intends to use the coin as a token for those who come forward to an altar call. In this case, he hopes the coins will remind people that responding to an altar call is a renewal of their vow to serve Christ.

“I hope people look at the coin and remember that they accepted the call to win souls. I want people to pray and ask God for the strength, insight, and drive in that process,” said Hughes.

Currently, Pastor Hughes is studying with four baptismal candidates and is excited to implement the baptismal challenge coins when he resumes in-person church services.

— by Natalie Boonstra

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