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Adventist Christian BOOK CENTER

Camp Meeting 2019

Located at the Carolina Conference office in Charlotte, NC, the Adventist Christian Book Center (ACBC) is committed to carrying out the mission “Embracing Carolina with the Compassionate Call of Christ” by supporting the ministries of the members, local churches, and departments in the Carolina Conference. Our goal is to provide Adventist literature from the North American Division publishing house, Pacific Press, thereby supporting ministries and authors of the Seventh-day Adventist church, as well as promoting the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle through the sales of vegetarian foods. This has been a significant outreach to the community through the years.

Continuing to supply the store at Nosoca Pines Ranch with current books and vegetarian food has been another means for our members to have access to books and foods. However, we serve the majority of our customers through mail order, Camp Meeting, the bookmobile, and delivery programs.

There are two websites available for customer use: the local website operated by our store in Charlotte, and the national website www. operated by Pacific Press, with our store fulfilling the orders placed in Carolina. Our website provides information about our sales, bookmobile, delivery program and events in which we will participate, giving customers the ability to order food, Glow Tracts, and used books. We send a weekly email to those who have subscribed through our website promoting current sales, new books and upcoming bookmobile locations, which also allows ordering for the bookmobile. We also have a Facebook profile: www.facebook. com/CarolinaACBC.

Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of Camp Meeting 2020, we expanded our delivery program from 33 to 69 locations, which includes nearly all the districts, and continued to deliver to most of those locations though the fall of 2020.

The Ambassador Program offered through Pacific Press allows churches to raise funds while at the same time supporting their local Adventist book store. How it works: A church signs up one of its members as an ambassador for Pacific Press and the ACBC. The ambassador then receives new product information and a code to share with church members. The members can then use the code to purchase products from By using the code, the church receives 10% of the profit to use as it chooses. In 2020 Carolina had 25 churches signed up for the program.

Regardless of all the uncertainty and challenges, God has certainly blessed us over the past six years, and we pray He continues to bless and guide as we look to the future, and more importantly, to His soon coming!



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