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  • Sharon Williams

Adventist World Aviation During COVID

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Adventist World Aviation (AWA) staff members and missionaries at locations around the world are handling the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways.

In Alaska, Jim and Linda Kincaid serve as traffic management and security at a drive-through testing site. Because Jim is president of the Northern Alaska Regional Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, he is involved with a number of disaster and community service organizations who are recruiting and placing volunteers in community emergency

response initiatives.

In Nicaragua, Enrique Olguin-Sanjuan shares that churches have canceled large group gatherings and moved to small neighborhood groups, some public places have placed markings to keep people two arms’ length apart, and some people

wear masks. “Most people are aware of the situation, but [do] not quite [understand] the severity of the pandemic,” he says.

Bruce and Monique Wilkerson serve on the AWA Philippine Project Base and report that although the runway construction work stopped,

the AWA team banded together to continue the work with their limited resources and without additional help. Church gatherings have been stopped, and travel is strictly limited to their municipality.

Here in North Carolina, AWA president and CEO, Ric Swaningson, faces the new travel restrictions, quarantines, and additional stress with the assurance that AWA is God’s institution and that He is fully capable. “AWA trusts God at all times and in all situations,” Ric

says. “While we continue to serve, we are grateful to our faithful prayer warriors and supporters. Are we being tested? Absolutely! But Jesus was victorious at the cross and ultimately He will draw all His children safely into the kingdom He has prepared.”

—by Sharon Williams/JoAlyce Waugh

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