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Athletics on Campus at MPA

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year has made running athletic programs an interesting endeavor. Despite the hurdles that Covid-19 has presented, we have been able to provide a positive outlet for students through physical activity. Our Intramural program has been able to run effectively, providing time for teams made up of students and staff to compete in softball, flag football, and volleyball. We were especially happy to be able to run our annual Saturday night softball tournament earlier this year, which is always a fun time for players and spectators alike.

Additionally, our MPA Acrosports team has been continuing to practice and develop skills as a team and as individuals. The team is currently preparing for the large culminating program, Homeshow, later this semester. Creating and performing routines that revolve around the team’s theme for this year, Stand Firm, the team will use the show to tell the story of standing firm and having hope in our relationship with God.

Later this spring it is the goal to continue with our Varsity Sports program which has been a great way for students to gain skill and proficiency in volleyball, basketball, and soccer while also learning the important skills of teamwork, perseverance, accountability, and healthy sportsmanship. Starting in March, it is the hope to continue this program with our Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team. The team will compete with other local private high schools, gaining the opportunity to not only play on our field but visit and play at other schools. With soccer being an outdoor sport, we will be able to compete while also maintaining and upholding the school’s Covid-19 protocols and prioritizing student and staff health and safety.

MPA has also taken the opportunity to introduce students to some other alternative activities around campus including using our new disc golf course and playing various racket sports such as pickleball and badminton. Paired with the other sports programs running, we have been able to create and give students wonderful opportunities for physical activity and recreation, adding to the positive and active atmosphere on our campus.

- Tyler Hedges, Athletic Director

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