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  • Julio Flores

Charlotte Spanish District Holds Successful Evangelistic Event

From May 21 to 29 the Charlotte Spanish District held an evangelistic week for all five

of its congregations. The presenter for the series was Elder Julio Chazarreta, hispanic

ministerial coordinator for the Southern Union. He and his wife Lourdes made an excellent

team, joining together to present the seminar “Apocalipsis, La Revelación de Jesucristo” (Apocalypse, The Revelation of Jesus Christ).

During the 11-night series. those who were physically present, as well as online participants, had a wonderful experience with new and fresh insights from the Revelation of Jesus.

At the end of the series, members were treated to a spiritual feast when on May 29, the whole district joined to celebrate the victory of Jesus. 26 people were baptized and five accepted by profession of faith from the four principal congregations. To God be the glory for what He has done, touching more hearts for His kingdom.

— Pastor Julio Flores

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