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Foster Church Distributes Food

Updated: Feb 9

At the Foster Adventist Community Services Center in Asheville, North Carolina, a dedicated group of volunteers runs a weekly drive-through food distribution service. These volunteers show up on Mondays to organize and get ready, and then come back to distribute the food on Tuesdays. A collaboration with the local MANNA FoodBank and local grocery stores ensures that the two boxes given to each client contain a good supply of canned goods, fresh fruit, bread, milk, eggs, snacks, laundry detergent, toilet paper, cereal, and soap. Not only does each client receive boxes of food but also a hot breakfast and fruit, which is provided by teams who volunteer on a rotating schedule. More staff are on hand to assist any client who

needs help putting the food boxes into his or her car. Breakfast and food supplies are provided to any homeless individuals who stop by as well.

—by Courtney Jiminez and Marcella


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