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The Health Ministries Department seeks to empower Carolina Conference churches to embrace North and South Carolinians with the compassionate call of Christ through the Adventist Health Message. Health Ministry serves as an opening to share the love of Christ and the message entrusted to Seventh-day Adventists.


Our website includes links to what the Adventist Church Manual says about the role of health ministry leaders and our resource library. Our resource library includes DVDs, books, magazines, websites, newsletters, handouts, Vibrant Life tracts, and so on. Visit us at:

Carolina Health Ministries Facebook Group

For news, updates, and the latest health-related information, request to join by visiting:

Train the Trainer Events

In the past few years we have held Train the Trainer events in various areas of the conference, mainly focusing on reversing diabetes. A Best Weigh (weight-loss seminar) training event was canceled due to COVID-19. A CREATION Health Fair event, with the intention of inviting all health leaders for training, was postponed to the spring of 2022 because of the pandemic.

Quarterly E-newsletters

Quarterly newsletters were sent to health ministry leaders, pastors, and members who have expressed an interest. They are filled with resources and ideas to provide effective health ministry outreach for the local churches.

Health Fairs

Several churches have used this vehicle to touch lives and present health education. Our department has large stand-up banners for each area of NEWSTART available for local churches to utilize for health fairs and other health outreach events.

Online Health Talks

Due to the inability to meet in person during the pandemic, the Health Ministries department provided several online seminars on different topics.

CREATION Health Resource

This is one of our health seminar/small group resources. CREATION is an acronym much like NEW START.

Lifestyle Seminars on Health

Sabbath afternoon lifestyle seminars are held throughout the conference by request.


Health awareness is promoted by submitting articles for publication in the Carolina Action.

Camp Meeting

Various health professionals were on the agenda to conduct our five-day Lake Junaluska Camp Meeting health workshop, including the following:

2016: Connie Vail (cooking class), certifications from Escoffier International Culinary Academy; co-cwner of The Vegetarian Express

2017: Lynell LaMountain, MDiv, Southern Union director of Health Ministries & Adventist Community Services; CREATION Health developer

2018: Dr. Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN

2019: David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP

2020: (Canceled because of COVID-19)

2021: (Canceled because of COVID-19)

2022: Stephen and Karen Wickham

Health Professionals for Referral

There have been several local health professionals (MDs, PhDs, etc.) that have been utilized throughout the conference for seminars. Their services have been greatly appreciated. Their contact information is available by sending a request to the Health Ministries department.



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