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Leaders Train for Hispanic Children's Ministries

On Sabbath, November 20, 2021, the Carolinas Conference Children’s Ministry Department held its first pre-quarterly training meeting for Sabbath School teachers serving the Hispanic churches. With the purpose of instructing, training, equipping and motivating, the event aimed to lead teachers toward a more effective work with our children and adolescents.

After going over key elements for the training with the team of presenters on October 2, the

Children’s Ministry team, in partnership with the Hispanic Ministry department and area pastors, made final arrangements for the main event.

Kathy Russell, Children’s Ministries Director (left), together with Ricardo Palacios, Yudith Flores and their team of presenters.

To secure a greater participation, the event took place simultaneously in four areas of our Conference:

• Central Zone: Hispanic Church of Salisbury, NC Pr. Julio Flores.

• East Zone: Hispanic Church of Saint Pauls NC Pr. Elías Sandoval.

• South Zone: Hispanic Church of Bluffton, SC. Pr. Domingo Paulino.

• West Zone: Family Life Ministry, Columbus, NC Pr. Moisés Sauza.

Over 350 volunteer teachers attended the training. They came motivated and with the desire

to continue attending future training meetings to better equip themselves as teachers. The meetings concluded with the presentation of completion certificates, gifts and refreshments offered by the host church.

The director of Children’s Ministry, Kathy Russell, Ricardo Palacios, Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry and Yudith Flores, Assistant to the director of Children’s Ministry for the Hispanic

Churches, had the privilege of sharing with our brothers and sisters from the south zone in Bluffton, SC.

Many thanks to the pastors and instructors who, with great enthusiasm, participated in this important event. The Holy Spirit was evident in every meeting place. The Children’s Ministry team prays that God’s direction will be with them in this important work for our children and

adolescents. The next pre-quarterly trianing dates are: March, 05, June 11, September 10 (Recognition Day), and November 19.

—by Yudith E. Flores,

Assistant to the director of Children’s Ministry for the Hispanic Churches

Children’s Ministries News

The Children’s Ministries Department is pressing forward with plans to provide VBS training

using Jasper Canyon: Where Every Kid is Treasured by God, Camp Meeting 4 Kids and other activities and training events for 2022 for children and children’s ministries leaders, keeping safety in mind. I am grateful for the addition of a new assistant to our department, Yudith Flores, who is teaming up with trainers from four district areas to provide prequarterly Sabbath School teacher training, VBS training and resources to benefit children and parents for our Hispanic churches in Carolina Conference. Please pray that God will bless our efforts to point our children to Him!

—Kathy Russell,

Children’s Ministries Director

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