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Mills River Adventist School is Bursting at the Seams

Mills River Seventh-day Adventist School has been so important to the community that they have experienced noticeable growth in enrollment over the last few years. They desperately

need space to accommodate the students. They also provide a weekly homeschool enrichment day so homeschooled students can experience a classroom environment. Enrichment classes include choir, art, guitar, physical education, Spanish and educational

field trips. Many families are looking for Christian education for their children.

Due to the ever-increasing numbers, it is their hope and plan to start construction on a new school building in 2021. They keep their tuition as low as possible, only enough to meet their budget, therefore their school does not have the funds for a new building.

Will you please consider blessing this building project with a generous contribution? Simply make your tax-deductible donation payable to Mills River SDA Church or give online at:

and mark the memo for School Building Project. You may see the proposed building at:

We know that, through faith, God will provide for the needs of our church school in Mills River. Please join us in adding the Mills River SDA School Project to your prayer list. May Heaven open up generous hearts to assist in the accomplishment of their needs.

—Leslie Louis,

Carolina Conference President

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