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Newcomers Find Community and Inspiration at the semi-annual ‘Welcome to the Family’ Retreat

The latest Welcome to the Family event was held on April 26-28, 2024, at Nosoca Pines Ranch, with the powerful theme "To Follow Him – Being a Disciple of Christ." Approximately 150 new Adventist Church members gathered for a spiritual weekend retreat that included activities to help them better understand the church's structure and ministries.

The weekend event, which usually takes place every two years, has been delayed since 2021 because of Covid-19. It is designed as an opportunity for the newest constituents to find community, form relationships, and gain valuable insights into how the church can best serve them and their needs. Among the activities were horseback riding, sports, swimming, canoeing, wagon rides, soccer, basketball, and shopping at the camp store and the ACBC. “It’s exciting! They go and they’re happy to be there and learn to be part of the world Seventh-day Adventist church,” said Gary Moyer, VP of Administration at the Carolina Conference. Attendees also enjoyed a special presentation by the Mount Pisgah Academy choir on Sabbath and a Saturday night movie.

The retreat also included special programming for both children and youth. The children’s ministry had fun and engaging activities, including crafting, origami, and nature exploration for ages up to nine years old. They also had special presentations about airplanes and mission trips to serve others in need. The young people, ages 10-18, were introduced to the vast church family and the resources available. They also enjoyed icebreaker activities, a campfire, and rewarding discussions about serving the church.

The next Welcome to the Family event will take place on April 24-26, 2026. This event is for the members who join through baptism or profession of faith from 2024 to Spring 2026. We encourage new members and their families to participate. This is an event they won't want to miss!

—Clarissa Rosario

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