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  • Marilu Rodriguez

Operation Caleb “Christ Home”

During the week of March 5-12, the project Operation Caleb “Christ Home” was carried out in the Central Spanish Church of Charlotte. It was organized by the Maranatha Pathfinder Club, with the support of the Personal Ministry department (small groups).

The week consisted of seven preachers—that is seven “Calebs”— with seven different messages in seven different places. For six nights, six members opened their homes for the

Pathfinders to share the good news of salvation with songs and group activities. On Friday, each unit counselor, along with the home hosts, prepared delicious meals for the Pathfinders. The seventh day culminated in the church with our “Mayor Caleb,” Pastor Julio Flores, who spoke of Caleb’s faith and like him, having confidence without wavering in the promises of our God.

Every night members were involved, especially the parents of the Pathfinders and the unit

counselors. The Pathfinders experienced development, confidence, perseverance and encouragement by putting their talents in the hands of God. The Spirit of God was evident in the exposition each youngster gave on his or her theme.

These Pathfinders accepted the challenge like Caleb—who searched after Jehovah and fulfilled the mission of carrying the Message of Hope—in the neighborhoods of Charlotte.

Author’s Note: As Director of the Maranatha Club, I feel that expectations were exceed for this week of Operation Caleb “Christ Home.” It was time invested that paid for itself 100%. Serving in this ministry of the Pathfinder Club, it is always a rewarding experience to see the growth and development of our youngsters, as well as to observe that their faith is strengthened. This is why I invite you to keep these words from Numbers 14:9, “...Do not fear the people of this land ...with us is Jehovah.”

—by Marilu Rodriguez, Charlotte Spanish Pathfinder Club director

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