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The Hands and Feet OF JESUS

photo by: Henrique Gomes

In western North Carolina, the town of Franklin has witnessed a remarkable initiative undertaken by the local Seventh-day Adventist Church. Months of planning and unwavering commitment from the Franklin members have brought forth the Good Neighbor Clinic, a community-focused endeavor aimed at echoing the teachings of Jesus by addressing the immediate needs of their fellow residents.

At its core, the Good Neighbor Clinic is a testament to the church’s belief in evangelism the way Jesus practiced it—meeting people’s needs and demonstrating genuine care. Rather than passively waiting for people to enter their sanctuaries, the church has decided to venture into the heart of the community, extending a helping hand and providing essential services.

The journey towards establishing the clinic was not without its challenges, including setbacks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and health issues within the church. However, the unwavering determination and faith of the congregation prevailed. The event’s success, they believe, is a testament to divine guidance and the power of collective prayer and planning.

The Good Neighbor Clinic has become a beacon of hope for Franklin’s residents. It offers access to vital resources such as food from the Manor Food bank, haircuts for all ages, dental services provided by volunteer dentists, and health screenings, including blood pressure checks. Additionally, the clinic provides pastoral support for those seeking spiritual guidance.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this initiative is the network of partnerships and relationships that have blossomed within the local community. Collaborations with organizations like N.C. Works and Habitat for Humanity underscore the shared commitment to helping those in need.

The clinic’s impact is tangible, as many attendees have not received dental care in years, underscoring the critical need for such services in the community. The Good Neighbor Clinic is not just about introducing people to Jesus Christ; it’s also about meeting their immediate needs, restoring hope, and forging connections.

As Dr. Patrick Kelly, one of the dentists who volunteered at the clinic, puts it, “We’re letting people know that we love them and that Jesus loves them. We want what’s best not only for their eternal life but also for their life here on this earth today.”

The Good Neighbor Clinic embodies a profound message – that faith in action can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It is an extraordinary example of a church community coming together to fulfill a shared mission of love, compassion, and service. In Franklin, North Carolina, the Good Neighbor Clinic has not only opened doors to faith but also to a brighter, more loving future for all.

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