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Michael Brown is a young man who was recently baptised at The Vine Adventist Church in Apex, N.C., in part because his love for music deepened his love for Jesus. He says, “Music is something we can’t see. It’s just something we hear and we feel. And the reason we listen to music is so that we can feel something.”

Michael started playing piano in second grade. He didn’t enjoy it at first, but playing in a band for school made it fun.

In high school, he met a young lady named Lexi at a theater conference, and over the years they stayed in touch. About three years later, when she was in town at his university, she asked him, “Hey, you want to come to church with me and my friend?” Michael said, “Yeah, sure, why not?”

The first Sabbath Michael attended, Lexi’s friend Enrique, who was a musician and a worship coordinator at The Vine Church, noticed Michael keeping time with the music. He thought, “Hey, this guy might have some musical talent.”

After the service, Enrique found out that Michael played the piano, so he invited him to join the worship team. Michael said, “But I don’t know any Christian songs. I never play Christian


Enrique replied, “Don’t worry about it.” And soon Michael was on stage playing for the people at church.

After coming to church for a few weeks, Cris Dutra, the church pastor, invited him to begin Bible studies. Michael felt the need to learn more about the Bible, so he agreed.

Over the holidays Enrique didn’t hear much from Michael, but he kept in contact, texting him encouraging thoughts and messages. Then one day Michael texted back and said, “Hey, I think I want to join the church.”

Enrique replied, “Brother, you have no idea. You already joined the church.”

Michael was excited. Enrique was excited. Pastor Cris was excited. Enrique said, “There was so much joy in my heart to know that that Michael was giving his life to God. The morning of his baptism his eyes were bright, and you could see his happiness with his decision.”

“I was always told to have a relationship with Jesus,” said Michael. “It’s important. But I really just didn’t get what that meant. But the more I got to know the Bible, the more I got to understand that it’s for comfort, knowing that Jesus has our back.”

“For Michael, it was very simple,” Enrique says. “It was not so much about the church as it was about the people and the music and friends and connections. Michael was missing a connection. People are missing connection.”

“So I would definitely use my talent to spread the word about God,” Michael says. “I think the power of music is really something strong and it’s really moving for people. To be able to share that with others and to spread the word of God, that is something that I want to do.”

—Rebecca Carpenter. Photos by Henrique Gomes.

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