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The Organization of Fort Mill Church

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Members of the Fort Mill church joined Gary Moyer, VP for Administration for the Carolina Conference, on Zoom for their unique church organization celebration.

Even with the Coronavirus looming overhead, the Fort Mill Company was not going to let that stop them from celebrating their organization into a church on November 14, 2020.

Thanks to the technology of Zoom, this group of church members were able to come together even when distance had to be kept.

Pastor Richard McNeil from the Georgia-Cumberland Conference was the guest adult Sabbath School leader. McNeil facilitated a very interactive discussion of “Worship in Education.”

Even while meeting via Zoom each week, the Fort Mill Adventist Church has continued to maintain every element of the normal church service, including the sometimes-overlooked

children’s story, special music, and worship through “online” giving. This week they presented

a compelling appeal for Global Missions.

Elder Gary Moyer, vice president for administration for the Carolina Conference, led the congregation through an explanation of why we exist as a Seventh-day Adventist denomination. This message led into a responsive reading and a covenant made between the Fort Mill membership and God. Due to the lag time on Zoom, Elder Moyer and Church Plant Leader Mike Ray read the responsive reading, and where the congregation would normally respond verbally, they raised their hands in agreement with the congregational part of the reading.

“The return of Jesus is the answer to all our problems, not the controversy that is going on around us,” Moyer shared. “Because we have a distinct body of truths, we need to remember to ‘share with care.’”

Elder Moyer, encouraged the members to remember their mission when discussions that could divide the church come up. Dissent is the goal of the one person (the Devil), who is

not happy that the Fort Mill Company is celebrating their formation into a church.

May we all remember that our mission is to embrace God’s people with the compassionate call of Christ.

—by Courtney Herod

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