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WORKMAN, RALPH CHARLES, 89, born September 9, 1930, in Battle Creek, MI, died May 2, 2020, in Hendersonville, NC. He was member of the Fletcher Adventist Church. Ralph married Dorothy Marie Baumgartner on October 4. 1953, while attending Washington Missionary College, Takoma Park, MD. After being drafted and serving his country he used the GI bill to receive a B.A. degree from Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, TN, in 1956, and a M.Div. degree at Potomac University, Takoma Park, MD, in 1957. After serving as an Army Chaplain for 20+ years Ralph “retired” in Hendersonville, NC, to become an assistant pastor at the Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist Church. He taught religion at the Fletcher Nursing School and Academy, served as chaplain at Park Ridge Hospital, Baystone Assisted Living and The Lodge Assisted Living in Mills River. He was preceded in death by his parents, Paul and Mary (Hubble) Workman. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy; three children, Chuck, Trudy and Ray; and five grandchildren.

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